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Note: This page is not meant to be a comprehensive list of manuscripts published by NHGRI's Division of Intramural Research (DIR). Rather, it features links to NHGRI-hosted Web sites that contain supplementary material not available through publishers' Web sites for NHGRI manuscripts published from 2012–present.


Genotoxicity after adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy is dependent upon dose, treatment age and enhancer-promoter selection
Chandler, R.J., LaFave, M.C., Varshney, G.K., Trivedi, N.S., Carrillo-Carrasco, N., Senac, J.S., Wu, W., Hoffmann, V., Elkahloun, A.G., Burgess, S.M., Venditti, C.P. 2015. Vector design influences hepatic genotoxicity after adeno-associated virus gene therapy. J Clin Invest. [PubMed]
r2VIM Variable Selection in Random Forests for Epistatic Effects
Holzinger, E.R., Szymczak, S., Dasgupta, A., Malley, J., Li, Q., Bailey-Wilson, J.E. 2015. Variable selection method for the identification of epistatic models. Proc Pacific Symp Biocomputing. [PubMed]


Characterization of Variants in NHGRI-1 Zebrafish
LaFave, M.C., Varshney, G.K., Vemulapalli, M., Mullikin, J.C., Burgess, S.M. 2014. A Defined Zebrafish Line for High-Throughput Genetics and Genomics: NHGRI-1. Genetics. [PubMed]
Genomic Integration Site Tracker (GeIST)
LaFave, M.C. et al. 2014. MLV integration site selection is driven by strong enhancers and active promoters. Nucleic Acids Research. [PubMed]


Islet Epigenetics: Stretch Enhancers
Parker, S.C.J.*, Stitzel, M.L.*, Taylor, D.L., Orozco, J.M., Erdos, M.R., Akiyama, J.A., Lammerts van Bueren, K., Chines, P.S., Narisu, N., NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Black, B., Visel, A., Pennachio, L., and Collins, F.S. 2013. Stretch Enhancers drive cell-specific gene regulation and harbor human disease risk variants. Proc Natl Acad Sci. [PubMed]


Alterations in Epigenome in Progeria Cells
McCord, R., Nazario-Toole, A., Chines, P., Zhan, Y., Erdos, M.R., Collins, F.S., Dekker, J., Cao, K. 2012. Correlated alterations in genome organization, histone methylation, and DNA-lamin A/C interactions in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. Genome Res. [PubMed]
Incomplete Splicing, Cell Division Defects, and Hematopoietic Blockage in dhx8 Mutant Zebrafish
English, M.A., Lei, L., Blake, T., Wincovitch, S.M. Sr., Sood. R,, Azuma, M., Hickstein, D., Liu, P.P. 2012. Incomplete splicing, cell division defects, and hematopoietic blockage in dhx8 mutant zebrafish. Dev Dyn. 241(5):879-89. [PubMed]
NHGRI Stem Cell Genome and Epigenome Project
Cheng, L., Hansen, N.F., Zhao, L., Du, Y., Zou, C., Donovan, F.X., Chou, B.K., Zhou, G., Li, S., Dowey, S.N., Ye, Z., NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Chandrasekharappa, S.C., Yang, H., Mullikin, J.C., Liu, P.P. 2012. Low incidence of DNA sequence variation in human induced pluripotent stem cells generated by nonintegrating plasmid expression. Cell Stem Cell. 10(3):337-44. [PubMed]

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