Pallister-Hall Syndrome

In order to facilitate medical care of persons affected by Pallister-Hall syndrome (PHS), the National Human Genome Research Insitute is supporting a series of Web pages for professionals and families caring for or affected by PHS. The idea for these pages originated at a workshop on PHS held at the NIH in 1996. At that meeting, professionals and family representatives described the then-current knowledge about the disorder, determined clinical diagnostic criteria, made recommendations for medical evaluation of affected persons and family members, and discussed research priorities.

The contents of this Web page represent the opinions of the author, Leslie Biesecker, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the NIH, the Pallister-Hall syndrome support group, or any other institution to which he is affiliated. Some of the medical data on links 3 (Diagnostic Criteria Used When Evaluating PHS) and 4 (Recommended Clinical Medical Evaluation for PHS) (on navigation to the left) are from the published workshop report and reflect the opinions of those authors, at the time of the workshop. Medical science in this area is advancing rapidly; as such, information is subject to change on a frequent basis. All individuals consulting these pages should be aware of this and other limitations to gathering medical information on the Web.

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